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On top of all the things people mention here there is a huge vulnerability in Chrome that is undermining the whole thing. They mine data at the browser level and sell it to advertisers. This is in addition to what tons of advertisers do on individual web pages. So irrespective of what we do as long as Google and other browser manufacturers mine user data there is not much progress.

I should add that Safari and Firefox (?) seem to be the only exception.

> They mine data at the browser level and sell it to advertisers

Go you have any actual proof of this?

Read Google's own proposal for privacy on the web. The first thing they talk about is differential privacy when collecting user data in chrome.

Can you point to the specific part? I really don't see what you're talking about.

I am on my mobile and the chromium blog doesn’t quite work. So go here and click on the link in the page that says “we have announced a plan”.


Any progress > No progress?

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