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Men select for youth, fertility, beauty and agreability.

Even in countries where there is arranged marriage, successful men are matched up with more beautiful women (but within equal cast and somewhat equal socio-economic status)

>Families decay when bright, successful men choose women for their beauty.

I don't follow how family decays when beauty is selected. Women can be beautiful and successful at the same time.

>In societies where matchmaking is done by parents or by recognized matchmakers, the outcome is likely much better in terms of creating and maintaining high achieving strains.

It might lead to a stable family on average but it doesn't mean people in such setting are happy.

What I've observed is that countries were arranged marriage is common, women when they are young have lovers in college but they flush down their social media, dress more conservative when time for arrange marriage come, often they also take up a job for short duration to signal independence/education.

In west, where there is more freedom. Young women date handsome men but if such relationship doesn't last long, their priorities change and they look for financially stable average looking men, though if they are lucky they might also get handsome and financially well off man.

It's quite rare for a woman to marry a man who doesn't make as much money as her if not more.

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