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Tetris LED Tie (2013) (billporter.info)
74 points by bookofjoe 50 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

So far, I have successfully avoided wearing a tie, but if I had to wear one, this one would be rather high on my list.

Now This is what technology should be used for.. not for spying on and oppressing people..

(Love it)

Well, it's no more tacky than any other tie.

This is from 6 years ago.... how did this necro happen. Also, if you want to see similar projects to this you should check out embedded systems classes. UCR has a course where all the students build their own game, device, or machine. I have seen some super impressive projects there. Some are on youtube.

> how did this necro happen

This year Tetris has been around for 35 years, so anniversary based nostalgia is bringing up a lot of old related links.

This is usually happens more for full decade-a-versaries rather than halfs like this, but 25 happens as it is a quarter of a century and 35 (i.e. this case) seems to resonate with people too (perhaps because it is seen as half a lifetime?). In five years time these links will be back even more so (four whole decades), ten years from now maybe less so, but fifteen years from now it'll be 50 years and the world (assuming the upcoming WWIII leaves enough of us and relevant tech knowledge alive) will be tetris-nostalgia-batshit.

That, and it is the sort of great "cool sad" project that is worthy of people being reminded of occasionally.

I would definitely buy that for the fireworks mode.

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