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I can't ride a scooter or a bicycle - no balance and I can't even see well enough to get a license. So yes, 10 minutes' walk from a station to work, I'm probably getting into a climate-controlled Uber if there's no easy bus, so I don't have to change (and somehow shower in the summer) before walking into work.

This comes in every thread about transport and last mile solution. Someone has a reason for why they in particular cannot use transit oriented solutions. I'm not trying to belittle you, your reason is perfectly medically justified and valid.

But there are a lot of people who can ride a bike or scooter, or who can stand to walk 10 mins. You won't get sweaty walking 10 minutes in LA in the morning; tomorrow it will be 69* at 9am in ktown. Who cares if you sweat a bit after work on your way home? Getting into a 115* car interior before the AC kicks in will make you sweat as well.

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