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I feel like this article is trying too hard. I've kept a journal with thoughts from the day for years.

The best thing to take away from that article is just how much difference there is in type and frequency of how people think.

We all assume that our inner lifes are similiar and it's always interesting to me to discover new facets of personal differences.

I see. I didn't really think about that, my line of thought has always been that there's no one like me so of course there's deep differences between how people think.

Is this where the "millennial snowflake" idea comes in?

Did you really think that the fundamental way your mind works must be different or just what you think and/or how you approach a topic?

If it's the first, yeah, that's a pretty entitled snowflake perception of yourself.

It's not that I think I'm specifically different, I think that everyone "thinks" differently, and I incorrectly assumed everyone thinks like that.

Sometimes it seems as if everybody thinks differently, but then popular trends (or politics) seem to show the opposite, and personal interactions with some people suggest very little thinking at all.

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