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Only OTC medications seem to be advertised here in Eastern Europe. This includes NSAIDs. They are more harmful than opioids due to the risk of virtually everything, such as: myocardial infarction, stroke, erectile dysfunction, gastric ulceration/bleeding, kidney failure (incl. hypertension). They also cause raised liver enzymes, and so on.

None of the aforementioned side-effects exist for opioids. The only major concern is constipation (especially in the elderly), nausea, aaaaand euphoria. Yes. That is it. Respiratory depression and other severe adverse effects are not really an issue if you are taking therapeutic doses, especially if taken orally. If you are taking it intravenously, then you are properly under medical supervision anyway. There is a reason for why the elderly usually receive opioids instead of NSAIDs. It is more effective, and it has a better safety profile. The issue is with questionable products with adulterants and unknown purity. Harm reduction policies, and the end on the War on Drugs can improve the situation tremendously. Portugal is a great example of this.



As for addiction: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/addiction-and-choice...

An excellent book, it is worth reading. According to my experiences many people have lots of misconceptions regarding addiction.

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