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Ask HN: Standardized Abbreviations for Code Reviews?
2 points by gurkendoktor on Aug 27, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I've just submitted a code review on GitHub and marked it as "Request Changes", but only 10% of my comments were important. The other 90% were suggestions and questions because I'm not sure how familiar the developer is with the ecosystem.

I vaguely remember one HN comment mentioning a set of standardized abbreviations for: "This has to be changed and I am willing to die on this hill", "I have somewhat strong feelings about this, debate me", "This is just a suggestion", etc., in the same way that "LGTM" has become useful shorthand.

Does anyone remember/know such a convention? It would be great to have a linkable resource for client work.

I am doing lots of code reviews but never thought about that, I tend to use vague language "you can leave at it as is if you don't feel it is necessary" but that would really helpful and productive to have a set predefined categories.

What a great and really obvious idea in retrospect !

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