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It's pretty unreasonable for many components in a car if you are paying for it yourself. There's a Model S owner who is on the 7th drive unit replacement for his car. This is a $15,000 unit.

These cars are too expensive to be disposable, but that's where they are headed because parts are difficult or impossible to obtain out of warranty.

Right, that isnt a car that never breaks down though. Teslas might not be at the required reliability to day, EVs one day might be.

Re price, an interesting point.

Do I not repair my TV because its so reliable, or because the replacement is cheap?

Or because it's very non-repairable? I've repaired two of my old NESes, but wouldn't try my TV either.

As a happy car DIYer I really appreciate when parts come in small replaceable units that I can swap out.

How many of your tvs have you actually needed to repair though?

My 14inch CRT broke, but then I had given it to my parents because I had a flat screen. I replaced the flat screen because the hdmi was out of date, it didn't have digital, etc, etc, etc. So I'm on my third tv in 25(?) years and none of them have broken (for me). I could see a nes being different as that's attached to a library of games and aren't made anymore. I would guess if they were still being made, and there was competition, a nes would be very cheap, and not worth repairing.

You only appreciate the easily replaceable units because you have to replace them

Teslas might not be at the required reliability to day, EVs one day might be.

EVs already are, they’re just not made by Tesla.

Happy Leaf Owner for Eight Trouble-Free Years

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