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my only concern about owning the model 3 is what happens when something breaks. However while Tesla gets a bad rap here and in many cases deserves it I have already experienced a similar problem first hand both with VW and Chevrolet. Fortunately for VW the issue I experienced will never resurface because they cannot sell TDI models anymore.

Still I am hoping that by 2021 or at worst 2022 there is a viable alternative to look at. I will be really loathe to give up OTA let alone the simplicity of the interior. Do not under estimate the game changer that OTA is, it is completely contrary to how all other automobile manufacturers operate; one of my peeves that helped convince me to trade my Volt.

Working for the major automotive replacement parts company I am always expecting all manufacturers, from automobiles down to phones, make parts available for third party repair facilities and owners.

That's why I'm really interested in leasing one next year - if anything breaks, the leasing company has to fix it or provide me with an alternative, they own the car after all. I really want a Model 3 but I would never buy it to own.

There is a tidy profit for the leasing company for taking this fear over for you.

Financing Teslas is already expensive as they don’t subsidize low borrowing rates. Most luxury cars finance at ~2.5% right now and Tesla is around 4%.

It’ll be particularly interesting to see what happens when Tesla starts leasing as luxury cars tend to offer very good leasing terms when compared to the MSRP.

Actually, for some reason leasing ends up cheaper than PCP, so it looks like you're paying extra for the ability to buy the car out at the end, which I don't particularly care about.

If I buy and you lease for 4 years who will come out better at the end if keep mine for 8-10 years?

Uhm..........that heavily depends on many factors, some of which can be hard to predict.

Do you already have an answer in mind?

Yes we both get the dual motor Model 3 with autopilot. My loan will be no more than $30k and max 4 years. Not sure how a down payment translates to a lease.

On mobile and I can’t work out the math right now.

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