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The problem is this line of thinking is that it can prevent them from being used in cases when it _is_ appropriate. I have a somewhat similar situation in the UK - the prescribing guidelines say benzodiazapines generally should only be used for sleep for up to 4 weeks (as they _can_ become ineffective, and can be used recreationally), so I semi-frequently[1] have to fight being switched to the so-called z-drugs (typically zopiclone). These have much more severe side-effects for me (memory loss[2] and vision alterations vs. occasional slight drowsiness).

This is despite the dose being static for well over a year (20mg/day), and they are still effective. Going three or more days without sleep was at least a monthly incident before taking tamazepam, and missing a night was weekly - three days has only occurred once since, and missing a night's sleep is rare. This has resulted in an improvement to my other symptoms.

[1] basically anytime I see a doctor other than my regular doctors, who understand the situation

[2] I do not believe thinking you have only blinked, then looking at the clock and realising over four hours have passed is a safe situation. I suspect I just fell asleep, but I don't remember that, or even waking up -- I thought I was just checking the time, and then four hours disappeared. This happened on multiple occasions, and I'm fairly sure I didn't just misremember the time (though even that would be disconcerting), as it was also brighter outside.

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