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OP's claim was literally that Tesla's approach to parts hasn't changed since Day1:

"A lot of early adopters were probably worried that Tesla would go out of business and they wouldn't be able to get parts. Tesla is still in business and there still aren't parts."

I guess that could be interpreted as though Tesla would eventually support the early models, but it's clear that they're not providing parts for any model in small or large production.

Yes, my point is that if you make 2500 nigh-bespoke custom sports cars, whatever your plans or execution for parts, maintenance, etc are, they can't possibly have anything to do, philosophically or otherwise, with a manufacturer who makes non-user-servicable devices statistically nobody expects to user-service. Apple shipped 2500 iPhones every six minutes last year.

The comment you quoted says that buyers were concerned about parts from the get go, presumably as most buyers of nigh-bespoke custom sports cars are and as most buyers of anything Apple makes aren't.

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