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> do gun shops who sold the guns that did the crime make them as guilty when the gun shop followed the law

That depends. We had a case locally where a shop was repeatedly robbed, made little effort to improve security, and wound up shut down for it.


> As a result, MCSO investigators obtained a court order to close down the business and take control of its inventory, which Baxter described as "hundreds of guns and pallets of ammunition."

> "For more than a decade, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has attempted to work with the owner to improve security for his facility, Baxter said.

For clarity: Metal-tipped lawn darts were banned. You can get a foam Nerf one now, sure.

Ah I looked at the UK site: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unibos-Garden-Outdoor-Family-Tradit...

Thought they were banned in the UK as well, seems not so...yet.

[edit add] https://www.crowndarts.com/ sells them (metal tips) and will ship to the USA and Canada! that was just a quick look, so guarantee more avenues to procure them.

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