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Wait — you want people to stop “editing” history and then want to go back to a version of the symbol’s history before the holocaust?

Hint: if you change history by appending to it, it is not changing history it is writing it. If you look back into history and check what happend, that is reading history. If you want to delete lines that don’t fit your world view from the history, that is editing.

How would you go back to the original meaning of the swatsika without denying the existence of Nazi Germany and what it did?

(Greets from Germany btw)

You can stop giving the Nazis so much influence over your life, for starters. Just accept that they, like plenty of societies before them, used a certain cool logo, but that's no reason to hate that logo, or to never use it again.


I grew up in a Austrian Province with a 40% rightwing majority, most of which hailed Hitler after a few beers and one of my grandfathers was a convinced nazi.

Be convinced I thought enough about how much influence nazis have about my life, be it direct or by the positions I take to oppose them. And yeah: Nazis don’t go away of you don’t talk to them or ignore their existence. Just because you tolerate them won’t mean they will tolerate you.

And on the symbol: the swatsika in western culture is forever stained. This might be different if we were a grown up society that managed to deal properly with the past — but you can be sure that this week some young neo nazi tatoos the swatsika on their skin as a symbol of their racial hate — and while that is still going on a simple redefinition (that neo nazis would love to see), is frankly speaking naive.

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