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I totally agree, to me tragedy and misery are not some contest to be won, the most we can do is learn from tragedy.

Especially the last cited paragraph by Solzhenitsyn: he finds the lesson (or Truth) he learned so valuable, it justified his experience! Why not just send a donation to the Party then? (sarcasm)

The article explicitly rejects the utility of logic in discovering our true norms, desires, ... :

>Great novels test ideas not by their logical coherence, as in academic philosophy, but by the consequences of believing them.

But the whole point of atheism, science and philosophy is to not blindly accept statements for fact, but to only view them as justified by evidence or proof.

Solzhenitsyn laments his blind participation in the system, so if anything it seems to me like moving towards a provable and individually verifiable society could improve things. (and indeed many people dream of applying the non-energy intensive decentralized concensus algorithms to constructing such a provable society)

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