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portray requires your project to be packaged for it's auto discovery - if you get this error and your project has a setup.py or pyproject.yaml in the root (and this is where you ran portray from) let me know and I'll create a ticket! Otherwise - I highly encourage looking at using poetry to setup your pyproject.yaml file: https://poetry.eustace.io/

my project doesn't have a setup.py because it is not intended for packaging and it doesn't have a pyproject.yaml because to be honest, this is the first time I heard about such a file. But then again, the title says "zero-config".

portray no longer requires a config to be present, instead you can just specify modules directly from the command line with `-m`: https://timothycrosley.github.io/portray/TROUBLESHOOTING/#no...

I have this problem when using the src folder tree conventions (poetry new --src new_package).

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