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When you put it that way, the solution is obvious - the state government needs to spend less money.

Note well: I said "obvious", not "easy" or even "politically possible". But I think it's useful to note that, in important ways, California is doing this to itself.

> When you put it that way, the solution is obvious

When it's put in an ideologically biased way that ignores practical solutions to paying taxes on an increasing property value, it implies another ideologically biased solution that favours the material interests of the rich...


Note that "the government has to spend that money, so here are some ways that you can manage to afford to pay your taxes" is also an ideologically biased viewpoint. (It's the current default viewpoint, but it's still ideologically biased...)

Of course, everything is ideological. I'm a socialist so I'm plenty familiar with going against the status-quo and my HN karma reflects that.

I'm arguing against hiding your ideological motive (lower taxes) under the guise of 'logical deduction' or 'obviousness'.

If anything, your HN karma reflects that your comments are largely political: > Please don't use Hacker News for political or ideological battle. That destroys intellectual curiosity, which is what the site exists for.

Note that AnimalMuppet was also downvoted for the same reasons.

HN is open to sound arguments against “the status quo” (whatever you think that is). If your karma suffers it’s likely because you’re not actually making well reasoned comments but are instead just spewing ideology.

It's not so much that HN isn't 'open', but there is a wide double-standard in the evidence required for libertarian-right arguments vs leftist arguments.

See this thread:


Lots of right-wing arguments upvoted with almost no evidence:

> [The city] grant[s] de facto immunity to homeless people committing petty crime, stop all police enforcement of drug laws, and shame everyone who dares to complain.

This isn't an argument, and has no sources other than a vague 'feeling' by the poster. It even includes a bit of a cut at the left ("shame anyone who dares to complain").

I'm not really complaining about that individual comment, but it's also upvoted and contains no argument or substantive discussion. Similar comments I've made are always deeply downvoted.

This has a chilling effect on discourse from leftists, where it feels like it's not worthwhile to write a substantive comment only to have it downvoted with nothing other than pithy right-libertarian ideological comments in return.

So I haven't really bothered with this account, hence spewing ideology.

How do you tell that a comment was upvoted? "Not downvoted" is the most that you can tell (unless you know something I don't).

> So I haven't really bothered with this account, hence spewing ideology.

You just told us to ignore anything you say.

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