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"Why Quantum Information is Never Destroyed" re: determinism and T-Symmetry ("time-reversal symmetry") by PBS SpaceTime https://youtu.be/HF-9Dy6iB_4

Classical information is 'collapsed' quantum information, so that would mean that classical information is never lost either.

There appear to be multiple solutions for Navier-Stokes; i.e. somewhat chaotic.

If white holes are on the other side of black holes, Hawking radiation would not account for the entirety of the collected energy/information. Is our visible universe within a white hole? Is everything that's ever been embedded in the sidewall of a black hole shredder?

Maybe even recordings of dinosaurs walking; or is that lemurs walking in reverse?

Do 1/n, 1/∞, and n/∞ approach a symbolic limit where scalars should not be discarded; with piecewise operators?

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