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I live a short distance from Crater of Diamonds State Park.

It's just a big field, plowed occasionally to turn up fresh dirt. Visitors look through the plowed dirt, looking for diamonds.

It's a unique place. Kind of fun, for the first half hour or so. (Then a little tedious.)

We went recently and had a good time. It was very hot and we took a few breaks, we didn't find any diamonds. The kids had a great time, the facilities are quite nice, and we got to see more of Arkansas which is quickly becoming a favorite state.

I went on a school field trip as a kid, def something fun to do once for like half an hour to an hour. Though might be interesting to go back as an adult, though I'm only back in that part of the country for the holidays now which leaves me with little time to drive all the way there.

I'm in Harrison, and have been meaning to get down there.

Is there a way to know ahead of time when they plow the field?

Also, I seem to recall that at least at one time there was a private individual who offered something similar to the park itself. Is that option still around?

I don't know about either of those.

But here's a tip-- they say if you go looking right after a rain, the dust is wetted down and the diamonds are easier to find. So they say, I can't say for myself.

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