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Does every discussion of Christianity have to mention the Spanish inquisition and the Crusades? Does every discussion of Islam have to mention suicide bombers? Does every discussion of America have to mention Guantanamo bay?

You can't reduce broad groupings down to the few evil things people may have done in the groups name.

And then there's "that is the foundation of America and is the system most proven to provide the most benefit to people without discrimination or coercion"

Are you aware of the history of slavery in the US? Of segregation? Or are you "mentally stepping over" that?

Not to mention the mass genocide of indigenous populations across the whole of the Americas. Amazing how many people 'mentally step' over that, too.

In the context of what happened to the millions of people who lived here prior to colonization, documents like the Declaration of Independence read like delusional toxic propaganda.

Keeping people aware of that context is absolutely important.

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