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Show HN: Hello (hurtak.cc)
64 points by Hurtak 58 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 46 comments

The most useful extension regarding new tabs is (in my case) this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/empty-new-tab-page...

I'm pretty sure this didn't use to need an extension, at some point I definitely had my new tab just set to "about:blank" which accomplished the same thing.

But Google decided that's not actually what you wanted to do and removed that feature.

Funnily enough the blank page extension was made by a Chrome developer, so I assume there were some team internal tensions and those who wanted to keep that feature were overridden..

And Google is probably right - for most people, if all of a sudden their new tab page was just a blank screen they'd assume something was broken. It was pretty easy to change that setting without knowing what it meant.

Installing an extension is a much more obvious process - it has a description and screenshots showing exactly what it does, so nobody should be surprised.

Both chrome and Firefox have been shifting to moving any behaviour that could appear as "broken" out of their settings and into extensions. I wouldn't assume tension in the team because a chrome Dev built the extension, more likely just normal process.

It's not "all of a sudden" though, is it? You would have to explicitly set new tabs to show about:blank for that to happen.

That's really sad. It works in FireFox!

Don't you worry -- Mozilla isn't immune from this. They removed this feature on Firefox for iOS which is super annoying. You can type in new tab page but it's not allowed to be about:blank.

Yay installing an empty HTML page on my server just to have basic functionality.

That's odd, it works in Fennec for Android. I wonder if it's a side effect of iOS not actually using Firefox's rendering engine.

I mean, they could surely work around that right? Use something like an empty data:text/html page instead of about:blank if there really is some sort of iOS restriction.

How did I not know this existed? This is perfect!

What makes it the most useful to you?

There are so many useful use-cases. Like... imagine you want to try out a html snippet, without creating an html-file. "Clearing" the default new-tab-page takes some seconds before you can insert your own stuff via the dev tools.

Remote work environment involving screen sharing during calls/meetings. As a Firefox user I don't need an extension for this, but I set the new tab page to blank. I have a separate work profile on my machine, but still, the default page of most frequent / most recent / most whatever pages is too unpredictable for me (i.e. I am not 100% sure how it works and don't want to devote time to understand it completely). I have rarely used it anyway, CTRL+T then typing a letter or two is way faster than trying to spot the relevant box and click it (separate URL / search bars help here as well). A nice image is cool and all, but it may be too distracting, and then there's the problem of unpredictability again: it comes from a 3rd party (extension developer) using another 3rd party (Bing in this case) to fetch the image. Bing being known for its excellence in the less worksafe areas and all... I won't take my chances :)

Lack of visual clutter

In the same vein, I use https://tabliss.io/ for the simple fact it requires minimal permissions and works on firefox.

The reason I started using something like this is because the "top sites" I visit is not something I want on my screen if I'm showing it to other people.

What are your top sites? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I switched to setting newtab to chrome://history/ a few months ago and couldn't believe this didn't occur to me earlier. It's faster than any of the extensions and you get a timeline of a big chunk of your life

I've been using Google's Arts and Culture "New Tab" extension for years, showing me paintings I'd never look at otherwise. It's pretty nice, and sometimes you discover interesting artists. https://artsandculture.google.com/

i cannot seem to find the extension. do you mind linking it.

I've got you: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-arts-cultur...

It will change the artwork daily by default, but you can change the settings to change on each new tab.

There is another similar extension called Momentum https://momentumdash.com/

Came here to post about this. I don't use any of the features (todo list, etc) of it but I like seeing the pretty pictures.

Always interesting to see examples of web extensions on HN. Given that these new tab extensions are a dime a dozen, I recommend adding some sort of differentiating feature to yours to make it stand out a bit.

One that I love: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/githunt/khpcnaokfe...

I really love Markdown New Tab. Its very helpful having a little Markdown page to quickly take notes, have links to frequently visited pages, or whatever else I want to see what I open a new tab. I think its probably the best extension I have in Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/markdown-new-tab/d...

Concept is nice but I would afraid of new tab becoming cluttered like my bookmarks relatively quickly.

One of my co-workers made this astronomy-themed one and I'm really fond of it: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/telescope/mcbkdemj...

This is cool, I could add Nasa as another image provider, alongside of Bing.

i am suprised that nobody mentioned `unsplash` (eg: https://instant.unsplash.com) or its chrome extension yet. :/

I use my own app to form new habits as the new tab... https://everyday.app :D

I've been using this one https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-tab-art/oldcmm... Open a new tab and see a piece of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Cleveland Museum of Art.

I use Earth View from Google, mainly because of i dont want to see (or show someone) "top sites" like rest of the HN https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/earth-view-from-go...

Here’s something similar for Firefox (just the pretty image part): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pretty-new-ta...

What benefit is there to have this as an extension, as opposed to a lightweight page being served up?

It probably needs to keep state for some of the widgets. Although on a web page there is is localstorage but that's more like a cache than a guaranteed storage.

OP does have a regular page you can use though: https://hello-extension.netlify.com/

Honestly chrome has become so heavy that I cannot imagine new tab opening with hq image.

Not commenting on your plugin.

I think this should be fine.

I did not notice any typing / suggest box lagging or performance problems and I do not have the strongest laptop. The same thing for some extensions that I used before and rendered background image.

AFAIK these things should also run in separate thread, so lag in the web page should not freeze omnibox.

It's pretty. Somehow Momentum, which is similar, didn't catch up to me. Is there any way to show the same favorites as with the default Chrome setup, only over the image of the day? :)

Not at the moment but maybe there is Chrome api to get the favorites and we could implement it as another widget that you can display in front of the image.

Chrome has the option to display an image background on your default new tab page, if you want to keep chrome's favourites.

Correct, I use that. However, it is jus one image and without anything else.

13:37, nice touch.

Elite o’clock!

This is pretty great. I use Momentum but it has become bloated with paid features.

You got a new user. I love it. Great work!

I use the one fetching from flickr.

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