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It’s frustrating to me that such a well written and informative comment has been downvoted. I understand that it’s a touchy subject but this is an interesting perspective that is worth sharing and reading.

I, for one, downvoted it because at some point it becomes really tiresome to see the same stale apologia of "baaah, you all just don't understand Marx properly" (and neither, apparently, did any and all leaders of any and all countries where marxists of any ilk ever came to power, because it always ended up the same) from people who had never seen it up close and personal. And this being HN most likely enjoying the lifestyle that is only enabled by "capitalists" willing to pay quite ridiculous amounts of money for poking at the keyboard all day...

Calling it well-written and informative is very much akin looking for kernel of truth in whatever logorrhea comes out of Stomfront or that Flat Earth Society.

Please don't post generic ideological flamewar comments to HN; they're beyond tedious.


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