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Wasabi is great. Same price but much more usable because it follows the S3 API. All cloud storage tools work seamlessly with it.

B2's API is frustrating to use and has limited compatibility, and also throws errors that need to be constantly handled, as you found.

Wasabi also has free egress plan if you don't download more than your entire storage account per month.

Wasabi is not the same price as B2.

B2 is: - .5 cents/GB/mo - 1GB/day free egress, 1 cent/GB after - generous free API call allowances, cheap after that

Wasabi is:

- $0.0059 cents/GB/mo (18% higher) - all storage billed for at least 90 days - minimum of $5.99 per month - this doesn't include delete penalties - all objects billed for at least 4K - free egress as long as "reasonable" - free API requests - overwriting a file is a delete, ie, delete penalties


With HashBackup (I'm author), an incremental database backup is uploaded after every user backup, and older database incrementals get deleted. Running simulations with S3 IA (30-day delete penalties), the charges were 19 cents/mo vs 7 cents/mo for regular S3, even though S3 is priced much higher per GB. So for backups to S3, HashBackup stores the db incrementals in the regular S3 storage class even if the backup data is in IA.

For Wasabi, there is no storage class that doesn't have delete penalties, and theirs are for 90 days instead of 30.

It used to be $0.0049 for the free egress plan so that's changed then. They do have lower storage pricing if you are on a paid-egress plan which is the same as Backblaze.

Either way, Wasabi is about simplicity and doesn't have any concept of storage classes. It's true that there's a 90-day min storage fee involved but that's only an issue if you're deleting constantly.

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