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Not only do things change but CF has hundreds of employees that weren't CC'd on that informal permission so there's still a high chance of being inconvenienced, and there's a decent chance the CEO won't be at your disposable should a problem occur.

Should CloudFlare later ban you for the practice, will the random support person you reach unpack the CEO's comments here and ensure nothing changed internally that prevents allowing your continued use and advocate restoring your account for you?

It’s not so different from when your company provides a perk that you expect not to see again.

If the perk saves you money, you put that money in savings. Once your budget expands to depend on that perk you are trapped, and when it goes away the pain will be noteworthy.

In words that are more applicable to a business case: You have to have a strategy for when the Too Good To Be True situation ends, because it will, and you have less control over when than you think you do.

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