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> Backblaze has a 10GB free file limit, and then charges $0.005/GB/Month thereafter.

is this true, I can have 110GB cloud storage for 0.5$ per month? it sounds TGTBT


One way they can achieve that pricing is by using consumer drives, instead of enterprise drives. See https://www.backblaze.com/blog/vault-cloud-storage-architect...

That doesn't seem completely fair. Much like blaming google for using normal commodity servers compared to Altavista using high end enterprise hardware. What matters is the reliability of the system, not some random part.

Backblaze is quite transparent about how they do things. They publish their drive reliability numbers (including brand/model numbers), storage pod design, and how their sharding/redundancy works.

Seems like most cloud storage vendors just say "We do object storage right handwave and we have lots of 9s". Backblaze says they shard your data into 20 pieces onto 20 servers and can recover with any 17 of those pieces. More details at https://www.backblaze.com/blog/reed-solomon/

Sure that's not enough redundancy for some, but at least you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. I've not see any other cloud vendor do that. Please post URLs for similar info from other companies.

1TB OneDrive is $80/year ($6.66/month). So 110GB is $0.73/month. Not that far from 50 cents.

That 1TB you always pay for, while Backblaze is pay-per-use.

Protip - get a o365 home instead.

5x 1TB for like 50 bucks. Also skype minutes and office software

that's 50 bucks per month vs 80 bucks per year

o365 home is $99.99/yr (not $50/mo), and allows up to 5 users, each of whom gets their own 1TB OneDrive allotment, evergreen desktop and mobile office software, skype minutes, etc.

It's a much better deal than paying $80/year for 1TB of OneDrive if you have 2+ users.

Can you host public web assets on OneDrive?

Yes, same as dropbox and the others.

Dropbox and Google Drive both removed HTML hosting over the past few years. With drive you can't even get direct links to images etc anymore. Not sure if public Dropbox files have the same limitation.

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