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I still occasionally sound out words (incorrectly) when I stumble on a word that I finally realize I've gotten wrong in my head. Like I'll know the word, know what it means, but have imagined the wrong pronunciation in my head, only to have it suddenly dawn on me that "Hey, that synonym for this word you know that sounds a bit different, what if it's aactually the same word". Then I'll go look it up in a dictionary, realize I still don't know pronunciation guides, type it into Google or whatever to get audio, and confirm, yup, I'm a dumbass I've been thinking those are two different words for decades.

This happens to me about once every other month. Millions of words, I don't expect it'll ever stop happening.

Bonus points when the word is like only 6-7 characters long, feel extra dumb those months :P

Ha Ha yes.

I find this with a lot of niche things I only ever read about, open source names seem to be the worst.

Gnome is allegedly pronounced with a hard G. I've never heard that said in the wild. And I have no idea how anyone else pronounces XFCE.

Nginx I still pronounce as "en-jinks" to myself and have to be guarded to remember to say "engine-ex".

MySQL had never been "my see-kwull" to me but always "my ess-queue-ell".

Then there's Linux ...


That's how I thought it was pronounced too. NginX could maybe have provided a hint...

Welcome to the enjinks club :).

The reverse is also happening to me - it has become very hard to see furniture advertised as latex, and read lay-tax, not la-tech.

Um, don't tell me LaTeX isn't "lay-tex"?

Quinoa Cliquey Segue ... I had the exact same experience with these three and probably more. I'd love to see more examples if you have any

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