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They give the idea of positivity bias a fairly negative framing, like it's a form of denial rather than a genuine change of perception about things.

I've generally tended towards an optimistic bias and that is in part because I don't see things in black and white terms. I've long said things like "A stove can burn you and a knife can cut you, but you also need both to put a meal on the table."

That's not some Pollyanna view with rose colored glasses. That's an honest assessment that anything that contains power to accomplish something contains power to do good or harm.

As you get better at extracting the positives, the occasional burn looms less large in your mind. You rejigger those calculations and spend more time appreciating the many hot meals you ate and less time complaining about the occasional blister that was involved.

Young people sometimes take good things for granted because a lot of the positives in their lives were given to them by their parents. If you stop seeing it as a given, you are more grateful that anything ever goes right and your mental accounting shifts.

It's not denial or white washing. It's just a change in perspective.

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