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Life expectancy and cause of death in popular musicians (2016) [pdf] (researchgate.net)
38 points by optimalsolver 24 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

"Death was strongly associated with substance abuse, risk-taking, and the experience of childhood adversity."

"These additional accidents are most likely related to higher rates of alcohol abuse [...]"

Not exactly groundbreaking research.

In sociology many results are obvious. You just don't know which ones until you do the study.

Risk taking leads to higher death rates? Isn't that the very definition of taking a risk?

The groundbreaking research topic might be why the artistic output of people with this sort of background becomes the basis of popular culture.

From the article:

> Although the common perception is of a glamorous, freewheeling lifestyle for this occupational group, the figures tell a very different story.

Huh? "Live fast and die young" seems to be the common perception of a rock/hip hop/country star, and the data seems to exactly bear this out.

"Live fast and die young" need not be "glamorous, freewheeling lifestyle". It may be a hard constant grind with exposure to hazards and appeal to self-destructive personalities.

Logging, deep-sea fishing, and coal-mining might be somewhat similarly described.

The best yarn I've heard about the drug/alcohol deaths of musicians of the 60s is that the FBI decided that to halt the popularization of countercultural ideas the most dangerous would have to be killed. So the FBI put together a team of undercover assassin groupies codenamed PROPUKES that would get the targets alone, spike their drinks so they would pass out, then pull open their mouths and vomit into them.

Marty: What happened to Stumpy Joe? Derek: Well, uh, it's not a very pleasant story...but, uh, he died...uh...he choked on...the ac- the official explanation was he choked on vomit. David: He passed away. Nigel: It was actually, was actually someone else's vomit. It's not.... David: It's ugly. Nigel: You know. There's no real.... Derek: You know they can't prove whose vomit it was...they don't have the facilities at Scotland Yard.... David: You can't print, there's no way to print a spectra-photograph... Nigel: You can't really dust for vomit.

(Spinal Tap)

Amazing how many Keith Richards has outlived.

What kind of world are we going to leave for Keith Richards?

That is perplexing. :)

Another good one is that Ozzie was DNA-tested for resistance to common non-pharmaceutical drugs. He's virtually immune to everything except ... caffeine.

He initially declined to be tested, but then asked himself, "Why am I still alive?" :)


(There might be a genetic reason, but I think the credit should go to his strong-willed wife/manager for keeping his life together.)

This is legit one of the funniest comments I've ever seen on here.

I have to confess it's not mine. If it was I could die a satisfied man.

(me googling it) man, you're not kidding, there are memes upon memes of this. How did I miss it?

He has always been adamant about the purity and quantity of the drugs he takes. That alone explains a lot.

"Gardening Accident?"

In a bizarre case of life imitating art:


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