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Apple terminated my developer account for no reason (github.com)
53 points by YingZhong 30 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Apple has done a pretty bad job at connecting with developers especially indies. Though at WWDC every year, the're demonstrating how they treat well to developers, how much developers have earned, it's has never been a time when Apple and developers are at a same table. If you're an Apple developer, ask yourself the question how you can communicate with Apple and how soon you can guarantee they would respond.

This hurts, not only Ying, but also indie developers like me.

Cannot agree more. This story brings a lot of concern to me.

This is really a terrible and sad news. Apple should not treat such a pure and good independent developer at all, and does not give any representations and explanations.

I don't know if it is an Apple misunderstanding. But Apple should give developers at least one opportunity to request and communicate. These developers have been supporting your iOS platform for so long and should not be treated as rudely. It is a disaster for the weak independent individuals and our dreams.

Unbelievable. As a developer, if I can't feel safe to develop App for iOS/macOS, why should I do it? Apple should explain why they did such a terrible decision.

Any developers including individuals and enterprise developers should be treated equally. I cannot figure out why the developer's account would be terminated without any notices in advance. At least, Apple must provide the proof to justify the termination action. Unfortunately, there's nothing so far.

There indeed exists controversy whether developers can build applications with interpreters which can be the container of other "apps". But, what about Wechat or Alipay. Both of these two apps give their own developers ability to create so-called "Small Program" which could potentially "be harmful to the ecosystem of AppStore". Apparently, powerful enterprises can do anything without any punishment while the single developers have always to be cautious.

It's terrible that the large tech companies are so arrogant that they just terminate an account without a reason or a way to appeal. So this guy should get a chance to argue.

But I also know that every time I read a story in HN about X company terminating my account for no reason there is usually a good reason for the termination. It usually comes down to a user/developer violating the terms of service. I also know that if there was a way to appeal, everyone would do it, and clog the system, since there would be nothing to lose.

I'm conflicted. But anyhow good luck to him.

The indies were the additions to the Apple ecosystem. There quite of ideas, group of people's requests that enterprises does not care about.

Apple should communicate with developer on what wrong with these apps, how to fix it. Instead of just arbitrarily terminated the account that does not help for both developers and Apple itself.

I really enjoyed being indie developer but now I feel so sad about this sentence:

> Believe or not, the era of indie developers has passed.

It's getting obvious that Apple doesn't care much about indie developers. Although most of the unique, special apps are coming from indie.

I wish they not only provide tools but also fix their relationship with developers.

I feel terrified when I saw this news. I'd never expected this news happened to any of developers, especially for those who work very hard and not intended to do anything wrong with Apple policy. We do very expecting that Apple would response to this developer and wish the problem can be solved.

Best luck Ying.

Apple should be more open and transparent when dealing this kind of things, or we indie developers will lose confidence in Apple ecosystem.

Really bad news. I don't know what to say. As an indie developer, I feel hurt too.

Apple hurts the heart of the entire Chinese indie developer community.



Best wishes

shame on Apple.

best wishes

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