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[dupe] Finland urges EU to consider banning Brazilian beef over Amazon fires (reuters.com)
114 points by hker 51 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

This makes so much sense. Genius move from Finland. (Swede here.)

Can they ban it without EU consent?

There is a bit of a difference in the kind of impact you achieve with 510 million vs 5,5 million people.

As a Dane I support this ban, even if it’s a tad to the side of populism. It would probably be prudent to start turning some of the EU farmland into forest as well, so it’s not so much throwing rocks from a glass house. But we can do both things.

Forestation has been increasing in Europe the last decades already, so that's kind of positive


Populist acts and language sometimes are the only working ways to get a simple concept into the brains of the voters. It all boils down to the purpose it is used for.

I'd also support a ban over danish goods because of the murder of the whales that danes do.

If they can’t, what’s the point of national sovereignty?

free market they said. it's going to be fun they said.

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