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Dow plummets 600 points after Trump orders US manufacturers to leave China (cnbc.com)
40 points by remarkEon 56 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

Point of order: Does the US president have authority to "order" US companies to move out of China?

(My instincts scream: no. At least not by tweeting...)

I am not a lawyer.

The role doesn't have that de facto power, but he could enact things that effectively make it the de jure law by forbidding US companies doing business with the US federal government from using anything that sources some or all of its goods and services that have a dependency on a Chinese supply chain. The anti-BDS rules that some states have is what I would consider to be the precedent here [0].

Given that the president also has frequent campaign rallies, he can persuade voters to boycott companies that again source components from a Chinese supply chain. His official campaign baseball caps aren't made in China though some unofficial ones are sold on Amazon that come from China [1]. I guess the same would go for US flags.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boycott,_Divestment_and_Sancti...

[1] https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/donald-trump-hat-china/

No he doesn't. It would require the law to change and he doesn't have that power. However he keeps increasing tariffs far enough I guess it's the same thing.

This seems like the most likely plan, since that's the only lever Trump can operate.

He could declare a 10,000% tariff on iPhones if he wanted.

Not by tweeting, but I'm sure the US Government could through legislation implement something along the lines of "If you have any operations in america and the majority of your manufacturing/imports/etc. is in China, you have to move your manufacturing processes in x timeframe or subject to penalties."

Sure, by a presidential order.

Yeah he could probably do it by connecting certain components to "National Security".

Heard an opinion that he used that phrasing in order for it to get translated into Chinese a certain way.

"plummet": Closed 25,628.90 -623.34 -2.37%

According to http://www.dogsofthedow.com/histogram-m.htm "95% of the time the Dow has a daily change between ±2.1%; and 99% of the time the Dow has a daily change between ±3.2%."

All of the indicators are flashing bright red for an incoming recession and furthering this pointless one-upmanship will just further speed things along. He's already increasing the tariffs even further and eventually things are gonna crash.

That is his game plan. Trade deficit complaints are all a ruse to constraint markets leading to resession and crash. Then his wealthy cronies can buy up stocks at a huge discount before the next president comes along and fixes everything.

He won’t be re-elected if we have a recession. Note how he called the Fed chairman the enemy today for not lowering the discount window rate 100 basis points.

It's an interesting question whether there is any chance he could be re-elected.

The site fivethirtyeight.com has a page that shows approval polling of presidents since Truman overlaid with Trump. The only President significantly more unpopular than Trump at this point in their Presidency was Carter. The only Presidents who were roughly as unpopular at this point, were Obama and Reagan, oddly enough, both of whom of course were re-elected.

But I think those facts fail to capture what is unique about Trump's polling. Every President since Truman, excepting Trump, has had high points where they had well over 50% approval. Trump's polling is uniquely nearly flat since the beginning of his presidency. He's currently about 42% approve, 54% disapprove, and it's getting worse, but this is actually not the worst rating he's had - late 2017 was worse. In other words, there seems to be no trend.

I think you give him to much credit, the only plan he has is to make him look great, any grandstanding that makes him look good is what he does.

Without expressing an opinion on whether you are correct or not, it seems like practically every day since his inauguration, I read where someone says "he can't be doing <nefarious thing> because it would be too obvious!" And the other half of the time, people say "what he's doing can't be that bad, because he's not trying to hide it at all!"

The grammar and style of Trump's tweet puts me in mind of some Usenet folks, like maybe John Grubor (google "John Grubor medpot" to get a flavor). What's going on here?

Considering his popular support, his style of communication is likely very similar to those of his constituents (a large segment of the electorate).


I rather have a president who is unpredictable. That way dictators like Xi Jing Ping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jun Un have NO idea how to deal with US.

All dictators have to do is wait.



I agree, though the only was this will work is to stick with the plan for more than 20 years and go through the transitional pains. Honestly I'd prefer if more people followed the by it for life philosophy. Wouldn't this also give a green edge to industry by not racing to the bottom price wise?

obviously trolling but an interesting data point -

> The rest of the world want to emigrate to US if they could.

I don't think this is true any more. All the people travelling I know are heading to Europe - no one wants to go to the US, because of all the train wrecks happening politically, and the perceived hassle of getting through US border security.

I've heard the exact opposite. A friend of mine is getting his PhD in the US, and he had to present a paper at a conference in Scotland. According to him, getting the visa to even get into Scotland took months, while his US visa took less than a month to renew. He said that the experience was so bad that he wouldn't think about moving to the UK after he graduated.

> Clinton is a horrible president

Well, “was a president”; horrible is subjective, but the present tense is objectively incorrect.

> that let China stole all the jobs and factories from US

Ludicrous hyperbole, at best.

> lied about extramarital affairs

Like Trump.

> and associated with the rapist Epstein.

Also like Trump.

> Trump talks crap about alot of things, but that's it

Er, no. See above, for just a couple of things you've overlooked.

> NOBODY stood up to China until Trump came along.

Others have, but not with as much short-term harm to the US. The long-term payoff from the high-cost strategy is dubious.

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