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This is a pretty terrible write up; and I honestly don't know how the author subjectively arrived at the conclusion that only QT, GTK, and Electron are worth testing. I sort of wish context was given for this as the summary, as "get shit done" could hardly be implied from this list.

Just my two cents.

Thank you for the "useful" feeeback :)

Maybe you can do your own so you can tell us the GiGa TrUtH about modern GUI frameworks.

I said it was terrible and explained that your reasoning of "get shit done" lacks any tangible meaning to the rest of the world. Don't be salty because I posted my opinion, I didn't say you were a terrible person for writing it.

If you would've just titled your post "a review of electron, gtk, and qt for making UIs with Rust" I'd have less of an issue. You also stated in another post in this thread, and not in your article, that you feel "Slack" is beautiful and that "beauty" was a necessity. That sounds like your principle deciding factor; not, "get shit done."

There's lots of things you could have done, but the responsibility isn't on me to coddle you through my thoughts. You could've just responded and qualified "get shit done," and started a dialogue but alas... you decided to reply like a child because you're upset. Maybe next time you shouldn't post to HN if you're gonna let comments from random folks get you down.

I just prefer actionable feedback rather than grunting.

As product developers we have the responsibility to create great product. One of the criterion of a great product is beauty.

Get the shit done is just a summary of the previously mentioned criteria.

I would looove to be proven wrong that Electron, Qt and Gtk are not the only viable options and would happily investigate further.

But I would also love to stop seeing random grunting from people who never had written (or event tried to write) great Gui desktop applications. (I'm not sayimg that you never have, I'm saying that by telling those are not the only viable options you look like never have).

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