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Why you should buy shares in BlackBerry right now (techvibes.com)
7 points by techvibes on Jan 6, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Also their recent strategy of suing successful developers on their platform shows they're serious about keeping the Blackberry competitive!

I know that's the kind of company I'd bet on.

This article fails to make a convincing argument for how the Playbook will fare any better than the dozens of "me too" Android tablets already on the market.

Why do enterprise customers need tablet devices? What is the advantage to a tablet device running the RIM OS versus whatever desktop operating system the company uses for the rest of their infrastructure? Is RIM going to make another aborted attempt at pushing their app store, or are they betting on a third party to pick up the slack?

Opinions are cheap- let's see some harder facts.

Actually, the company that seems most promising to me at the moment (as an undervalued stock) is HP.

WebOS is a solid OS and HP has a lot of experience making and shipping hardware. There's a lot of potential for integration between WebOS and the other devices they already make: laptops, printers, netbooks, phones, and tablets.

My favorite line in the article is when he says that RIM has "two CEOs".

If one is good, two must be better!

I don't have any investment advice re: RIM, but I can say with confidence that we're not downloading their tablet SDK anytime soon.

With the flood of android tablets that'll be coming out later this year, the price point for the blackberry tablet is way too high. Even apple will likely have a price drop associated with iPad2.

Blackberry is heading back to enterprise, and that's where it should try to solidify.

By the sound of the article, I don't think the author even owns a blackberry smartphone. I do. It's garbage. Think companies will stay loyal to BB? Think again. A tablet device that nobody has touched yet is a non-product in my mind.

I should buy RIMM because - google and apple haven't eaten their lunch in corporations, yet, and the playbook, a product that doesn't even exist, might make #2 in the tablet market? And how many new tablets are being released at ces?

>Why you should buy shares in BlackBerry right now

Because I just did and I want a quick out ...!?

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