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> why are MacOS apps so damned beautiful and plentiful compared to linux and windows apps?

This is entirely subjective. Several of my colleagues use MacOS and I find their interfaces overcrowded and clunky compared to my minimal linux setup. What is "plenty" to some, is "clutter" to others.

You've not seen the Linux desktops of some of the guys in our Unix Ops department. If you're allergic to clutter, you'd have a seizure.

I can't criticize. I paid for every square inch of the screen of my 27" iMac at home, and darn it, I'm going to put something on every last one of them.

While I respect your opinion and personal taste, it is not shared by the majority of app users. If it was, linux apps would dominate and webapps wouldn't.

Sure, taste is not a democratic thing.

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