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edward 29 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

He played such a big role in politics for the past decade. It will be interesting to see the impact of this on the 2020 election.

I wouldn’t have minded if he had been a backer of republicanism, what I can’t accept is his steadfast support for neoconservatism and their fetish for reshaping the world. He thus brought about GWB and all its consequences and its continuation through a nicer lens in the Obama admin.

Not sure how big of a role he played. Seems to my admittedly hella blinkered view he supported GWB before alternatives were possible and opposed Trump when it was too late for a billionaire to stop him. I assume I'm wrong anyone who knows where please let me know where.

Supporting Trump isn't necessarily the biggest role to play. Look wider than that, for example quotes from the Koch Summit in 2014 [1]:

[1] https://www.commoncause.org/democracy-wire/seven-disturbing-... (I know the URL uses loaded words, but it's a DC watchdog group founded by a republican, if that's of any relevance)

My dad worked in a steel mill his entire life, and as a long term cancer survivor, would have been left for dead due to Koch's policies had they prevailed in his state of residence. He outlived him. Bye! (Nice to see that even if you have near infinite wealth, the grim reaper will still catch up with you).

I wonder how that will change the political landscape, if at all. I know he was very influential in GOP politics. I wonder if he will donate his wealth back to society like Carnegie and the other great industrials did in the last century.

Wow, I would’ve thought someone with such means would live longer in today’s modern age.

Regardless of his politics, nobody deserves to have their death cheered upon (this is definitely what will be soon to come in mainstream media ).

> Regardless of his politics, nobody deserves to have their death cheered upon

I'm genuinely curious as to why you think that. Death cements his legacy, it doesn't wash it away, no matter how much any of us wishes that were the case.


I don't know why you're being downvoted. We fight wars with the intent of cheering when the leaders of the opposition die.


I don't think so. For all his flaws he's still just a human and worthy of respect. Many people may disagree with his ideas and his methods but he's had a successful life which is worth remembering after death.


Your use of words and rhetoric is troubling regardless of your politics...


Why is that directly his fault? Just because someone supports a side doesn’t mean they’re complicit in everything every arm of that “side” conducts.

Usually educated people seem to respond with less emotion and better articulated rhetoric.

>Why is that directly his fault? Just because someone supports a side doesn’t mean they’re complicit in everything every arm of that “side” conducts.

You can be complicit by omission too. There's a reason why "just following orders" does not grant immunity. And why supervisors/managers are held responsible for the actions of their subordinates.

I shall not. While I have no love for the man, that's the exact same crassness Trump exemplified and reveled in. I will not emulate him nor will I respect those who do, even his opponents.

"'An eye for an eye' leaves the whole world blind."

I definitely don't intend to. I just know people will.

If you're old enough to remember GWB being in office, contrast how people thought about him then (which was similar to Trump in a sense) to how they think about him now. In some new future republican administration, people may think similarly about Trump as they do now re: GWB.

Did you seriously changed your opinion about GWB? Why? For me it's same, no reason to change it, no new facts to paint him better that what he really was. If I missed something in recent years about him then I am more than happy to learn more.

I will always remember his face from Fahrenheit during kindergarten visit when he was told about 9/11 and how he froze for 10 minutes. I don't like that 'document' and I don't like Moore since he was far from objective, but GWB is a rather dark figure. He has blood of hundreds of thousands if not millions on his hands and that is never ever going away.

No, I did not. But society at large seems to.

I don't think society did. It's just that no one imagined someone even worse in almost every regard becoming president. I don't think anyone thinks better of GWB, simply that the bar was greatly lowered.

How could you possibly think Trump is worse than GWB?

GWB: Ignored warning signs for 9/11, Patriot Act, NSA mass spying, Afghanistan mismanagement, got us into Iraq on falsehoods, Iraq mismanagement, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, supported torture, Katrina mismanagement, 2008 financial crisis. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but his presidency did things that are still causing issues today.

I played Dylan's Masters of War today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEmI_FT4YHU


queue "I can tolerate anything except the outgroup"



I've been a fan of David Koch since he and Ed Clark were the Libertarian Party's presidential ticket in 1980. That was my first time voting. To me he was an American hero. That position has not gotten much more popular in the intervening 40 years. But there are a few of us out here that will celebrate the life of this great patriot today.

The Koch’s are libertarian in name only. Their entire business was developed with government subsidies and they continue to lobby/fight for tax subsidies that benefit their business.

I also hold them largely responsible for the fact that there even is a climate change debate and that science is looked down upon so heavily in society today. They poured billions in anti climate change propaganda which is going to cost the lives of many millions.

I am happy he is dead, and I don’t say that lightly as I’m unfortunately all to familiar with death.

This is mainstream news...

So? Hawking’s death got a post here too.

Strictly speaking, any death that would likely be reported by mainstream news should be off topic, per the guidelines. Such stories are often a step above celebrity gossip, yet rarely touching the bar of having intellectual merit.

This gets a pass in the community all the time because people are emotionally attached to some celebrities or their work, especially if there is any overlap with the hacker or tech scene, or if nostalgia is involved. Which is understandable, but still leads to exactly the sort of low-effort discussion we're supposed to avoid.

With Hawking, the announcement of his death should still be off-topic even though one could use the thread as a springboard to discuss physics. Death itself, however, brings no new or interesting phenomenon worth discussing.

Rather than posting articles about his (or anyone's) death, it would be better to post articles related to someone's work, and mention the death in the comments.

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