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It's really sad to see that all the native options like druid got dismissed for being "not mature enough". Guess I'll stick to WebAssembly and CLI Apps.

It's completely fair though, and I wouldn't want people trying to use druid while really basic functionality like menus is still being worked on. The only way I would recommend druid is if people want to roll up their sleeves and help build the toolkit.

If it's still dismissed in six months to a year, that would be sad.

The author of druid himself considers it immature at this point though…

And unfortunately, Azul was abandoned by its maintainer a few month ago for family reasons, so it's unlikely to be polished anytime soon.

At this point there is no viable full-Rust GUI toolkit, but druid may be one at some point.

At least it wasn't dismissed for being "not enought mature."

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