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I recently started to use a gtk audiobook player (https://github.com/geigi/cozy, small plug as i've been very happy with it), and it looks absolutely fine to me. Of the three frameworks in the title traditional Qt Widgets apps to me look the worst.

What do you not like about Qt? Are the apps or the Widget themselves? The apps are the job of the developer to align and padd things properly. The wdidgets are designed to look as default platforms Widgets, so on Windows you get the buttons and progressbars to look native, in Linux it will use the theme you set. Where GTK apps by default look horrible, they do not use the platform icons and styles or dialog boxes, I assume the reason is that Qt is sold as a cross platform toolkit where GTK is a Red Hat project and RH is focused mainly on GNOME

Hi, I would love to heard from your experience the easiness/difficulty to theme your Gtk application.

Also, In the analysis I tested Qt with QML, not widgets.

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