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>I then also have to remember what's the last episode I watched

I find it quite funny how many complicated solutions to this problem there are.

I simply stick a bunch of symlinks to whatever shows I am currently watching and remove them one by one. 20 line bash script + 1 minute configuring the file manager integration.

Alternative solution for keeping track of where you stopped watching series : watch them with mpv. If you quit with "Q" instead of "q", it will remember the position. Then, whenever you launch mpv, it checks if one of the files is in its list of positions (using absolute realpaths).

    mpv series/*
    # continue from where I stopped
    mpv series/*

Back when i was using iMac as my "watch" computer, i was simply changing the text background color of whatever i was watching to green in Finder.

The feature to tag and color any file is really something that i miss in Explorer (in Explorer you can edit tags if the file format supports it and Explorer knows about it, but this only works for some file formats and even then the UI is cumbersome).

The Finder’s color labeling feature has been useful for decades now, having been around since the early 90s iterations of the Mac OS. I don’t know why other file managers never picked it up; it deviates too far away from “Windows Explorer clone” I guess?

I just use a text file for each series. Let's me also take notes about stuff I might forget due to really bad memory. Put a web or video link in there if relevant, too. If wanting less steps, search takes me right to name of the file if I wanted to do that.

Simple, text editors been helping me solve problems since EDIT on MS-DOS. No reason to learn something more complicated. The method is cross-platform, too. :)

>I then also have to remember what's the last episode I watched

... I generally just look in the "recent files" menu of my mediaplayer ? Also, many players are able to remember the last position in a file so if you open a file and are at the end...

I've done similar to replace my todo list - a directory of symlinks with numeric prefixes for ordering.

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