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If it took you 15 minutes from the plane hitting the ground in Manchester to get to your house, I think that says more that you live really near to (or next to? inside?) Manchester airport. And 10 minutes between leaving your front door to arriving at the gate!?

That's either a slight exaggeration or an impressive feat

Takes about 2-3 minutes to taxi to the gate at T3, I usually chose 1C so was first off the plane. Takes 60-90 seconds to get from the gate past baggage collection (obviously hand luggage only) depending on the exact gate.

Having ordered Uber during the taxi, it was already waiting for me, so in within 2 minutes of getting off the gate. 5-7 minute drive to home in Hale Barns.

Best I did was 93 seconds from leaving taxi to gate 141, rare to take longer then 5 minutes. Once the taxi didn't arrive and I had to hail one, got in 10 minutes before scheduled departure time and was sat on the plane (in 1C) before scheduled departure time.

BA have changed since then (there's now a business class section so you don't get to choose 1C), and Manchester Airport is very hostile to people arriving/departing via taxi so I suspect it would take 5 minutes longer now.

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