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Yup, I did research on this with my own little slicer [0] back in 2014. With conventional nozzles your surface finish goes to crap past about 20 degrees.

If you really want conformal layers you need a five axis platform. The flat tip of FDM nozzles is an important part of layer adhesion. I've seen a little bit of experimentation with pointier nozzles and it went very poorly.

Nowadays I'm building the five axis version and packaging it up in a service [1], along with a bunch of other improvements that are only feasible when you stop trying to build a machine lay-people can operate.

[0]: https://github.com/nick-parker/bread [1]: https://www.praxismfg.com/

Nice to see you are still at it. I just posted a video above from 4 years ago when I was testing bread in #reprap.

Can't wait to see more of what you are doing soon.

Hey ccecil, long time no see! I was just checking on Continuous Composites' website the other day and thought of you.

I should have some fancy demo prints online in a few weeks here, keep an eye on the website!

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