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My old website is not here because I used Tripod.

But it was worth it.

Tripod is still around. I still have an account there from 2001, but unfortunately nothing is hosted there now but a default landing page.

It still has a cgi-bin, but I have no idea if perl scripts will run in it.

And surprisingly enough, Angelfire still exists. I just learned they're both sharing a database being run by Lycos because I tried to recover an old Angelfire account and it complained that my new password was the same as my Tripod account.

Tripod had more storage and offered cgi bin when Geocities had none, IIRC.

I can't remember if I actually got a forum from Matt's Script Archive running on Tripod, but I do remember writing by own horrible text-based forum that no one else used.

Now it looks like you have to pay for FTP. Sad.

I think I had one on AngelFire :)

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