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Apache Arrow Flight (replacement for ODBC) (dremio.com)
29 points by riboflavin 25 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Click bait title, this is not a replacement for ODBC at all. It's a different protocol to fetch data.

It’s possible the author really does believe it is a replacement, having only personally used ODBC in a very limited way himself

Having used ODBC in the past, I fail to understand how this is an ODBC replacement at all.

Even the request per cell justification doesn't make any sense to Windows developers that ever done any ODBC programming.

I am not sure about that either - is he talking about SQLBindCol()?

Anyway this is only a replacement for ODBC for cherry-picked use cases - a limited subset of languages, and where the types don’t require any marshalling. If you’re operating in that kind of environment and you need absolute speed you would just use RDMA!

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