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There are other measures being developed in this area with stem cell replacement therapy. A very common cause of late life heart failure is a depletion of stem cells and the heart eventually can't replace its own cells. There was an interview on Joe Rogan recently with a doctor that works in this area [1] [2]

[1] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtL1fEEtLaA

[2] - https://www.cellmedicine.com/

Joe Rogan gives plausible sounds cranks a platform and an imprimatur in the interest of open mindedness. But he mixes it in with good sources of information. It may be for you if you want to be exposed to controversial ideas, but if you are not careful it will make you less informed on certain topics. Saying depletion of stem cells causes age related infirmity is basically a tautology, as is with telomere lengthening.

If this guy's ideas worked, he wouldn't be doing his work in Panama, hawking supplements, and appearing on Joe Rogan. He'd be among the wealthiest persons in the world. "Snake oil" works because you are selling a cure to desperate people, and fear of mortality is almost universal.

He operates out of Panama because U.S. laws don't allow the full use of all stem cell types yet. Stem cell therapy and CRISPR are going through various legal challenges. I would expect more innovation to occur in parts of the E.U. and Japan in these areas.

No, he operates there because this is speculative research that is for now without a clinical basis.

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