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Show HN: K8up – Kubernetes Backup Operator Based on Restic (k8up.io)
53 points by tobru on Aug 22, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Its a bit interesting that Velero just merged a proposal about Restic https://github.com/heptio/velero/commit/86408bf8052cf33a5a80... Is this where the k8s backup ideas are going?

It's an alternative, in the making since over a year and used in production. It focuses on Restic since the beginning.

It says 404 there isn't a GitHub Pages site here... where did heptio docs move to now that they are VMware?

We've been using k8s-snapshots[1] Very easy to setup and use. Very simple to add snapshots too.

How does this compare?

[1] https://github.com/miracle2k/k8s-snapshots

* K8up uses Restic, k8s-snapshots Tarsnap

* K8up doesn't do snapshots but file-based backups supporting any RWX storage and to some extend RWO (still to be improved)

* K8up can do pre-backup tasks like dumping a database to have application consistent backups

* K8up has a great amount of monitoring backed in for providing a good overview via Prometheus if the backups really work

* K8up can send webhooks about backups available to allow integrations into third party control panels. F.e. Lagoon[1] uses it

[1] https://github.com/amazeeio/lagoon

"* K8up uses Restic ..."

Does that mean I could use the SFTP transport of restic and send my K8up generated backups to any old SFTP server ?

In theory yes, we need to implement support for more remotes. Please open a GitHub issue so we can take care.

That only works on AWS & GCE. A restic based operator will work anywhere.

You can also try Stash https://github.com/stashed/stash . This has been in use since 2017 and always worked with Restic.

Disclaimer: My company, AppsCode is the primary developer behind Stash.

Stash was an inspiration for K8up. Unlike Stash, K8up is non-intrusive and doesn't add additional containers to Pods. It runs as k8s jobs besides the application Pods.

Tobru, then you will like the new edition. It supports backup via Job. https://github.com/stashed/docs/blob/master/docs/guides/late...

How does this compare? It appears to only backup chosen apps, not necessarily a whole cluster?

K8up currently is optimized for PVs and will probably be able to backup objects in the future. It's not meant for cluster disaster recovery or full-cluster backup. (Deployment artefacts should anyways come from GitOps)

SomaticPirate, Stash can backup individual workloads, PV/PVC or any application (Databases or custom including K8s cluster) with the most recent release.

I actually have a cluster that I need to tear down and do disaster recovery practice on, but didn't know how, so I'm still paying for the "important data" that I generated on it.

I will use it tonight, thank you friend!

Cool. I was about to hack a CronJob to take some backups with pg_dump, but I'm going to give this a try.

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