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Why Does Developing on Kubernetes Suck? (tilt.dev)
44 points by elorant 52 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Because Kubernetes is complicated as fuck, and it doesn’t really have a built in simple way to view the state of the cluster.

Oh, and every vendor has implemented it differently. That’s probably the worst thing.

... because you're developing ON kubernetes instead of FOR kubernetes. develop on your regular Linux machine, run on k8s. That's how it's suppose to be.

Sure, but I submitted first. For some reason the engine accepted the latter one too.

Just develop in your PC with Docker. Then let devops deal with the running of the application in Kubernetes.

If your developers are not the people doing end-to-end lifecycle management of the application they own, you don't have "devops", you have ops.

It sucks because you don't understand what k8 is doing and why.

Agreed. There are tons of tools available to help with this. My favorite is KIND. Can literally mount directly into a host volume

KIND was discussed in the story, and its drawbacks.

Still need some work but definitely make kubernetes development a lot simpler is https://jenkins-x.io/

Just drink their koolaid and (provided the Jenkins-x platform works as intended ) the majority of your kubernetes headaches go away.

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