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Denominations that practice infant baptism typically don't allow adults who were baptized as infants to be baptized. In fact, they imprisoned and executed many people for doing so.

Denominations that don't practice infant baptism would allow those adults to be baptized because they don't regard the first one as authentic.

Do you have a source for the claim related to imprisonment/execution in your first paragraph?

It's true that denominations that practice infant baptism usually don't allow adults who were baptized as infants to be re-baptized, because they consider the person to be already baptized, so there's no need.

But even in cases where denominations try diligently to avoid the case where they're conferring baptism on someone who may have already been baptized (as in the case of the Catholic church and conditional baptism), there are no penalties for baptizing someone who was already baptized. It's just sort of a pointless thing, unless you reject the idea that infant baptism is legitimate, in which case why belong to a denomination that practices infant baptism?

Maybe there were penalties in the past that I'm not aware of, so I'd love to learn more about the executions.

This Washington Post article gives a good overview[1]. It's true that they don't execute people for it anymore, but that's just because they have eased up on their treatment of heretics in general, not because they have started condoning the practice.

[1] https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/2004/06/19/aton...

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