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It seems to me like you (and one of the comments replying to you) are considering this a bit too narrowly. Plenty of animal species have all five senses, and are far less intelligent or conscious than we are. Further, this doesn't have to be about a single human being requiring all five senses to gain intelligence - consider single modern human being has already evolved to a point where the brain already has that intelligence innately, and only needs further input to shape and refine what's already there.

It doesn't make any sense to compare AI to this single modern human being who is already innately intelligent. It makes more sense to compare it to the whole of human/ape evolution, and maybe we're limiting ourselves too much by always looking at humans on an individual level.

I think we need to find a way to imitate human evolution, selective pressure/natural selection, and human limitations - in whatever form. Hell, give networks some form of reproduction, limited lifespans and limited communication. Throw in what the other commenter said about gaining knowledge and applying that to and manipulating a "real" world (I don't think it actually has to be real, it just needs to be an environment where changes can be made that have some logical/causal effect), learning from experience and whatever other feedback loops we seem to have. Maybe AI will evolve itself into being given the right environmental and personal constraints.

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