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It's blindingly obvious that it's deliberate. Whether it's the graphic designer or LKS that actually formulated it, that is debatable. I wouldn't bet on the former though.

Keep in mind that Li fell out with Beijing and have cashed out most of his assets in the Mainland over the last several years.

There is no way that the following phrase, formed by the the end characters of each phrase in the ad, could be a coincidence.

因果由國 容港治己 義憤民誠

The only slightly questionable word choice is 由, but as the phrases are supposed to be read as stanzas in a poem, I think liberties can be taken in composition.

This is really a classy move.

It's like a compact puzzle or "steganographic joke" - intelligent, elegant, satirical and even humorous in a way.

Constructing these interlocking phrases, one "public" and the other a "private" message for those "in the know"; getting the right number of characters and dots; even using his own name as part of the message.

I don't know anything about this billionaire, but I appreciate the effort that went into this form of protest, it's a work of art.

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