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Ask HN: Which Open Source projects are looking for maintainers?
17 points by emadehsan 26 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
High impact Open Source projects in dire need of maintainers / core collaborators?

Are there any lists maintained of such projects?

I started putting together a list here: https://www.sourcesort.com/zombies. Only a few projects on there at the moment though. I found projects which had 10 or more unresponded issues created since the project was last updated.

Interesting. So are these the projects you came across or did you establish some way to find them?

I used the GitHub API search endpoint to find them and some extra code to filter them - searching for projects last updated more than 3 months ago with more than 5 open issues and more than 2/3 of open issues having had no response from a maintainer.

I was surprised by how few projects turned up actually, so I'll probably rethink this and update the list soon.


"Code Shelter is a collective of volunteer software developers that aims to help with maintaining popular open source projects whose authors need a hand or don't have the time to maintain them any more."

Thank you for this! Looks like a good starting point, and a nice community.


Found this list via above search

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