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If you have a 'tube level' map of London in your head it is not obvious why HS2 goes through Old Oak Common. Euston is North and Paddington (which Old Oak Common traditionally services) is West of the capital.

Some commentators in this post have questioned why the article is called what it is when it is just about HS2. For me I think that the title is apt and I now have so much more clarified. This is a really good article and I finally understand and like the project. Before I didn't give a damn about it.

The majority of stuff leaving Euston leaves on the West Coast Main Line. This nearly touches the Great Western Main Line near Old Oak Common - with just Kensal Green Cemetery separating the two. Having a large junction with GWML, Crossrail and Overground traffic would appear to be very appealing when it comes to giving additional choice to travellers.

As for not planning another exit route out of Euston, I'd imagine that there's a significant planning headache in routing new tunnels around the existing infrastructure in and around Euston, and that having the line shadow the existing WCML is much less painful to both plan and develop.

Paddington has had a significant amount of work done to it recently with the Crossrail work going into it. Though it doesn't appear to suffer the access issues that Euston has it may prove to be a headache if HS2 traffic was supposed to arrive alongside GWML traffic.

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