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You spent the time to Jailbreak the phone, but couldn't you also have just paid $100/year for the license to be able to build your own personal apps which can be deployed on your personal devices for 1 year at a time?

Well, that's not why I Jailbroke my phone. I Jailbroke my phone so I could:

• Install a Userscript to de-AMP pages in Google search results.

• Prevent Apple News from saving a history of what articles I read, thus disabling their recommendation engine and preventing a filter bubble.

• Add an extra row of app icons to my homescreen, so I can fit all my apps on one page.

• Get a warning when I set an alarm for PM rather than AM.

...and countless other little things.

Separately, I consider $100 an awful lot of money, especially for a subscription, which I try really hard to keep out of my life.

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